Sports Teams

Shenanigans has long been a favorite of traveling sports teams either playing in Sewanee or passing through on I-24. We have ample seating and quick service, both of which can be accommodated more effectively with a little heads-up.

We are happy to deliver box lunches to any of the playing areas on the domain. Just use our online order form and submit it. It helps us out if you can submit a few days out, if possible!

click here for team reservation

Large Groups

Traveling through Monteagle or Sewanee with a big group? Charter bus? Big biker crew? Church group? Circus? Convention? Shenanigans is your place. With tons of indoor and outdoor seating, and a very relaxed atmosphere, big groups leave with happy faces and happy tummies.

As with sports teams, if your group is over fifteen people, a little "heads-up" reservation is really helpful, and a pre-order makes it all happen quicker for your group. Call us at 931-598-5774 and we'll take care of you!

UOS Classes

Several spaces at Shenanigans are utilized by Sewanee professors to bring their classes in for a change of scenery and a nice, low-key environment and good food and drink.

Call us at 931-598-5774 to reserve the Boardroom, the Upstairs or Upper Deck for a great out-of-class-but-in-class experience!